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Who we are

For your attention, for your impassive editorial eye, for your determination to devour words with iron logic, PLAYPAUSA is your idea.
We're cunning accomplices, willing to endure many structures, close gaps, smooth rough edges, and transparently point out that things seen don't always mean what you think.
If it weren't for your friend or the person you like, you might have postponed joining this team until the next century.
Poor existence?
We can expand and delve deeper into the search for an answer.
PLAYPAUSA communicates!

Background PlayPausa


Our team aims to foster the creation of formats that can thrill audiences across all seven continents and endure for decades through rediscovery. No one needs another recipe book on how to reheat internet leftovers. We need to rediscover the guiding principles that underpin our art and allow talent to express itself freely. This approach has worked, and has always worked, as far back as memory serves.

Your path must be noble and well-crafted, following the principles of our art. The anxious and inexperienced obey the rules. The rebellious and uneducated break them. Artists master the form!

PLAYPAUSA TALKS ABOUT TIMELESS AND UNIVERSAL FORMATS, NOT ALGORITHMS. The team aims to ensure the preservation, enjoyment, interpretation, and enhancement of the assets and collections displayed within the sites it creates for the benefit of the community. It creates and develops knowledge for the growth and dissemination of its members’ or visitors’ knowledge, providing opportunities for other institutions and public services.

The team’s important task is to enhance the educational function and appeal to a broad audience, appealing to all components of the community, territory, and group it represents.


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IBAN: IT70K0623003223000015197463


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